Oakville Business Litigation Lawyers for Commercial and Administrative Litigation

Over the lifetime of any business, disputes are bound to arise. While such disputes are largely inevitable, effectively managing them and limiting your risk is the key to the continued growth and success.

The business law lawyers at Campbells LLP can ensure that any legal clash you or your business may be involved in is handled proactively and cost-effectively, while working to maintain existing relationships and avoiding any unnecessary legal and financial liability.  Our litigators also assist with administrative law matters, representing corporate clients in matters before Ontario’s agencies, boards and tribunals, as well as challenging the decisions of these bodies through judicial review proceedings.

Strategic Commercial Litigation Advice for Your Business Dispute

At Campbells LLP, our lawyers always seek resolutions that are advantageous to our clients and continually bear the potential costs of litigation in mind. In many matters, and where it reflects our clients’ best interests, we may pursue alternative dispute resolution options to resolve a dispute. However, we are not shy to bring the same tenacity, backed by a sound litigation strategy and thorough research of the law, to trial. We have extensive experience arguing cases at all levels of court in Ontario, including motions and trials at the Commercial List in Toronto.

We represent corporate clients of all sizes and in all industries in a wide range of commercial litigation matters, including disputes involving:

Skilled Legal Representation for Administrative and Regulatory Matters

At Campbells LLP, our business lawyers also assist companies that are facing disputes before regulatory entities, boards, and administrative tribunals. We have broad experience arguing before these bodies, including the Human Rights Tribunal, License Appeal Tribunal, and Canadian International Trade Tribunal.

When necessary, we are prepared to bring challenges to the decisions of administrative bodies before the courts. If a client needs to ensure that a regulatory decision is upheld in their interests, we can also respond to an application for judicial review on their behalf.

Experienced Oakville Litigators Representing Corporate and Business Clients in Commercial Disputes

At Campbells LLP, we leverage our considerable litigation experience to provide advice that is always in your best interests and in the best interests of your company. We take time to understand your business before deciding on a course of action, keeping our clients well informed, to ensure they make the best strategic decisions at every stage. Contact us online or at (905) 828-2247.