Oakville Business Lawyers Assisting with Shareholder Agreements & Shareholder Disputes

Disagreements and other conflicts between shareholders are common factors that can affect the ongoing success of a business. The key to mitigating the possibility of such a dispute is to have a well-drafted shareholder agreement in place.

The business law lawyers at Campbells LLP regularly assist business owners and entrepreneurs in managing potential risk and liability. Our clients range from small family-owned services companies to medium-sized information technology, manufacturing, and industrial service companies with more than fifty employees and annual revenues exceeding $50 million. We can help you protect your business by reviewing existing shareholder agreements, amending them where necessary, or drafting new ones. If a dispute arises despite proactive measures, we can represent you throughout and protect your interests and those of your company.

Advising on Shareholder Agreements

At Campbells LLP, our team of trusted business lawyers and advisors can answer any questions you may have about structuring your business and its affairs. We can help you proactively address matters that may arise over the lifespan of your venture and help you prepare for ongoing growth and success.

We advise on how best to pre-emptively address situations such as:

  • Organizational structure;
  • Issuing new shares;
  • Share vesting;
  • Allocating decision-making authority;
  • Pre-emptive rights;
  • Buy-sell provisions; and
  • Death or departure of shareholders (succession planning).

Addressing such matters in an agreement can help reduce potential uncertainty and provide a mechanism to resolve any possible issues if and when they arise.

Representing Clients in Shareholder Disputes

Irrespective of how well-drafted your shareholder agreement is, the potential for shareholder disputes still exists. Legal battles between shareholders are expensive and lengthy, will consume your time and energy, and create a distraction until they are resolved.

At Campbells LLP we represent clients in:

  • Oppression remedies;
  • Derivative actions; and
  • Injunctions.

We provide practical, forthright legal representation to get you through the legal process as smoothly and as quickly as possible so that you can focus on your business and its growth.

Shareholder Agreement Lawyers Advising Clients on Agreements and Representing Them in Disputes

At Campbells LLP, we have been helping businesses and business owners with matters related to shareholder agreements since 1999. We are proud of the strong client relationships we have built since then. We take the time to understand your business before deciding on a course of action, keep you well informed throughout the process and ensure you make the best strategic decisions at every stage. Contact us online or at (905) 828-2247.