Oakville Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

The purchase and sale of a commercial property can have a significant impact on the success of your business. It is often the largest investment a new business makes, is an important factor that must be addressed during the growth or expansion phase of a business, and can be used as a successful investment vehicle.

If you are considering a commercial real estate transaction, it is imperative to obtain legal advice from a knowledgeable and skilled real estate lawyer early in the process, and before you make any major decisions.

The highly knowledgeable commercial real estate lawyers at Campbells LLP regularly assist business owners and entrepreneurs with all real estate aspects of their venture. Our clients range from small family-owned services companies to medium-sized I.T, technology, manufacturing, and industrial service companies with more than fifty employees and annual revenues exceeding $50 million. We are available to provide ongoing advice and be your regular consultants as your business grows and develops or can be retained to address stand-alone issues where they arise.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

When leasing, purchasing, or selling a commercial property there are many factors that must be addressed, including zoning by-laws, the tenant mix in the building, property tax issues, title searches, and environmental issues, among others.

At Campbells LLP we ensure that our clients consider every aspect of a property as well as all elements of the transaction so that any potential legal and financial risk is mitigated, and their business can continue to flourish.

We provide guidance on every step of a commercial real estate transaction, including:

  • Ownership structuring;
  • Asset restructuring;
  • Commercial real estate purchase and acquisition;
  • Commercial real estate sale;
  • Real estate investment trusts (REIT’s);
  • Commercial leasing and asset management; and
  • Mortgage financing.

We can also skillfully defend you in any potential disputes or litigation that may arise from a commercial real estate transaction.

Commercial Leasing

The commercial real estate lawyers at Campbells LLP also provide guidance and legal advice to commercial landlords and tenants, including with:

  • Drafting and executing commercial leases;
  • Negotiation of lease terms;
  • Renewals of commercial leases; and
  • Assignment or sublet of leases.

Commercial Real Estate Litigation

We also represent clients in any resulting litigation that may arise from a real estate deal gone wrong, including:

  • Performance of an agreement of purchase and sale;
  • Suing a buyer who backs out of an agreement;
  • Suing a seller who is unwilling to close as agreed to;
  • Misrepresentation;
  • Failure to disclose latent defects; and
  • Breach of warranty.

Contact Campbells LLP for Effective Advice on Commercial Real Estate Transactions

The lawyers at Campbells LLP can guide you through every step of a commercial real estate transaction, negotiate on your behalf, and defend your interests and that of your business in any potential disputes. We understand that most business owners work during the week and are unable to meet during the day. One of our lawyers will meet with you during the evening or on the weekend by appointment if your schedule so requires. Contact us online or at (905) 828-2247. We look forward to speaking with you.