Oakville Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

The selling of both residential and commercial real estate is a serious commercial transaction, involving hundreds of thousands and often several millions of dollars. Such deals represent significant financial risk and all parties involved have a large amount at stake. In addition, when such a transaction does not go according to plan and results in a dispute, the resolution of that issue also has the potential to be expensive, which adds to what is an already financially stressful situation.

If you are a buyer or a seller and have become involved in litigation stemming from your transaction, you need assistance from a highly knowledgeable real estate lawyer with significant experience representing clients in such disputes.

At Campbells LLP in Oakville, we have been representing buyers and sellers in all types of real estate litigation since 1999. Over the years we have seen it all. Our lawyers have assisted with both sides of a transaction – helping clients finalize both commercial and residential real estate transactions and also helping them resolve any disputes that may arise from those transactions. We leverage this deep knowledge of real estate deals to advocate on behalf of clients who feel as though they have been wronged in a transaction or clients against whom a claim has been made.  We are thorough, efficient, and committed to delivering the best possible outcome for every single client and to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Our Real Estate Litigation Services

We represent both buyers and sellers in any disputes that may arise from a real estate deal gone wrong, including:

  • Performance of an agreement of purchase and sale;
  • Suing a buyer who backs out of an agreement;
  • Suing a seller who is unwilling to close as agreed to;
  • Misrepresentation;
  • Failure to disclose latent defects; and
  • Breach of warranty.

We provide practical, forthright legal representation to get you through the legal process as smoothly and as quickly as possible and to mitigate any potential damages or losses that may result.

Contact Campbells LLP for Effective Representation in Real Estate Litigation

At Campbells LLP, we understand that the majority of real estate transactions occur in the evenings or on weekends. One of our real estate litigation lawyers would be happy to meet with you, by appointment, at a time and date that works best with your schedule. To learn more about how we can make the buying and selling process less stressful, contact us online or at (905) 828-2247. We look forward to speaking with you.