Oakville Residential Real Estate Lawyers

Buying or selling a piece of property is likely the biggest financial transaction you will make in your life. Skyrocketing real estate prices can make what is an already stressful process even more stressful. In today’s market, buyers and sellers may be tempted to forego consulting with a lawyer to save some money. However, a real estate transaction should never be undertaken without the advice of a knowledgeable real estate lawyer who regularly handles such matters.

At Campbells LLP we have been advising homeowners and prospective homeowners since 1999, in all kinds of markets and through all sorts of shifts in the economy. Over the years we have seen it all. We are thorough, efficient, and committed to delivering the best possible outcome to every single client for a reasonable price. We can help make the prospect of buying or selling a home far less daunting and can protect your investment against potential risks.

Residential Real Estate Transactions

Our highly skilled Oakville real estate lawyers will walk you through every step of your real estate transaction. We will help you identify and address risk and proactively avoid potential disputes. Over the years we have helped thousands of homeowners with:

  • Home purchase and sale;
  • Condo purchase and sale;
  • Cottage and vacation home purchase and sale;
  • Mortgage financing; and
  • Making a real estate investment work with your estate plan.

Residential Real Estate Litigation

We also represent clients in any resulting litigation that may arise from a real estate deal gone wrong, including:

  • Performance of an agreement of purchase and sale;
  • Suing a buyer who backs out of an agreement;
  • Suing a seller who is unwilling to close as agreed to;
  • Misrepresentation;
  • Failure to disclose latent defects; and
  • Breach of warranty.

Whether you are buying your first home, purchasing a cottage or investment property, or selling your home to downsize to a condo, the real estate lawyers at Campbells LLP can guide you through every step of your residential real estate transaction. We will explain your options, review all relevant paperwork and contracts, negotiate on your behalf, and defend your interests in any potential disputes that may arise.

Contact Campbells LLP for Effective Guidance on Purchase and Sale of Residential Real Estate

At Campbells LLP, we understand that that the majority of real estate transactions occur in the evenings or on weekends. One of our lawyers would be happy to meet with you, by appointment, at a time and date that works best with your schedule. To learn more about how we can make the buying and selling process less stressful, contact us online or at (905) 828-2247. We look forward to speaking with you.