Estate Litigation Lawyers Serving Oakville & The Surrounding Communities

Estate disputes are complicated: they involved high levels of emotion, usually by individuals who are grieving the loss of a family member or who are dealing with a loved one who is very ill. Such disputes can become quite lengthy and can take months or even years to resolve, prompting individuals to take sides, creating acrimonious divisions, and eating into the value of an estate.

At Campbells LLP, our team of compassionate and highly skilled Oakville estate litigation lawyers have been assisting clients with estate disputes and resulting litigation since 1999. We are proud of the strong, long-lasting relationships that we build with our clients and provide a steady sounding board and legal advice to guide them through what can be one of the most emotionally draining times in their lives. With our help, we can ensure that the legacy of our client’s loved ones is carried out exactly as they wished, that their health and well-being is taken care of, and that their estate is protected.

Skilled Litigators Assisting with Estate Litigation

At Campbells LLP, our team of Oakville estate lawyers assist clients with a wide range of disputes arising from estate plans, trusts, wills, and powers of attorney, including:

  • Will challenges;
  • Defending a will;
  • Passing of accounts;
  • Dependant support claims;
  • Family Law Act claims;
  • Power of attorney disputes;
  • Consent and capacity issues;
  • Removal of guardians;
  • Trustee/Executor disputes;
  • Removal of trustees;
  • Equitable claims;
  • Variations of trust.

Campbells LLP: Trusted, Compassionate Estates Lawyers Representing Clients in Estate Litigation

At Campbells LLP, our exceptional estate lawyers can represent you in all estate litigation matters. We know that many individuals work during the week and cannot meet during the day. One of our lawyers would be pleased to meet you in the evening or during the weekend, by appointment, if your schedule so requires. Contact us online or at (905) 828-2247. We look forward to speaking with you and going through this process by your side.